We Partner & Invest

With Growth, Value, & Sustainability

-- Our Objective --


We invest in and partner with listed and unlisted companies.

-- Our Principles --


We only invest in companies that share the following criteria.

  1. Growth             –             Will the market and market share of the company grow.
  2. Value                –             Does the company give and add value for its customers.
  3. Sustainable     –             Does the company follow our “do no harm” principles.


-- Our Mindset & Focus when Investing --


Listed Companies


When investing in listed companies, we aim for long-term investments, taking a minority stake, and the role of a silent partner.

We participate in the following sectors


Finance, Infrastructure, Health & Manufacturing

Unlisted Companies


Companies we are interested in are those that solve the problems humanity had when living in the caves, and will also have when living on Mars.

When investing in unlisted companies, we aim to invest and participate with a sizable stake.  We also partner and participate in leading the company hands-on.

Sectors & Focus areas we invest in


Energy                  –             Focus on Geothermal & Renewable.

Education            –             Focus on Healthcare & Training.

Mobility               –             Focus on Driverless & Infrastructure.

Food-tech           –             Focus on Plant-based & Yield Enhancement